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"I know you. I see you."

In Alice Morgan, John Luther finds his equal and his opposite, the Catwoman to his Batman. He understands Alice in a way that she has never been understood before which, of course, piques Alice’s interest in John. John knows exactly who she is and what she has done so she drops all pretense and just is herself around him, a luxury that Alice has probably never been afforded. John Luther isn’t scared of what he sees in the deep abyss that is Alice. Alice sees that same abyss in John. This is why they are drawn to each other. Their relationship boils down to trust and honesty and because that is so strong, it defies all the logic that says they shouldn’t be. One of the other aspects of this relationship I love is that it plays with some very basic notions of love and turns them on their head. Alice and John see each other for exactly who they are. Exactly. Yet, because they are on opposite sides of the law and of the spectrum, it becomes an impediment to their relationships. Also, I also love that Alice would do anything for John and with a figure like Alice Morgan … a “I’d do anything for you” statement of love is just about the scariest thing because we all know - and John is painfully aware - that she means it. The show has used a lot of space/physics metaphors - matter/anti-matter, blackholes and such - and I feel like this describes John and Alice. Their relationship has its own gravity, they are two cosmic bodies in constant orbit, forever together yet forever apart and if they do ever collide, the universe would shake with a release of energy so great, it would destroy everything, but what an awesome destruction it would be.

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    I shipped them so hard. I loved how raw this relationship was and how they were mirrors for each other. In spite of all...
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    Sounds a lot like the relationship between Hannibal and Will Graham, in the television series.
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