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Favorite Dance Sequences
Breakin’ - “Ain’t Nobody” // Lucinda Dickey, Adolfo Quinones & Michael Chambers
And here is where it becomes painfully apparent that in no way does my list of favorite dance sequences = best dance sequences (that would be an entirely different list), but I cannot say that this sequences doesn’t hold a special place in my cold, dead heart. Despite being not very well shoot or choregraphed and despite being so painfully 80’s that the only thing missing is Dynasty reference someplace, it still shows us a timeless tale of a classically trained dancer learning the latest dances moves and learning to step out of herself to “feel the music”. But, I’m not even going to lie, this is on this list because I always imagined myself as Kelly in this sequence while I was learning to break dance in my living room (oh, the carpet burns).

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    Ah, but they got even better in Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogalo!
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