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Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge

Special Agent Dana Scully, M.D.

Cersei says “no” and “don’t” repeatedly, begs Jaime to stop several times, and the scene ends on weeping “it isn’t right,” while Jaime grunts “I don’t care.” If Graves filmed more of the scene, it didn’t make it into the final cut; if there’s a point at which we’re supposed to believe this is anything other than nonconsensual sex, I don’t know what it could be. It is absolutely not “consensual by the end” — plus, the idea that a rape could be “consensual by the end” is grotesque and dangerous. It plays into the worst she said no, but she meant yes pernicious lies of rape culture.

What are the skills required down here? Organization, fortitude… lack of concern for being unliked?

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