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"She’s the urban, hard-edged cynic to Clark’s idealistic, empathic heartland guy. The two of them are a study in contrasts — he’s all heart, masking a keen brain, she’s all brain, masking a warm heart — so they strike sparks and they compete and the challenge one another and they both get to show off their strengths."
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D N A doesn’t make a family, l o v e does.

did some googling and it sounds like tumblr has replied to some people asking wtf, and it was an error. Fingers crossed it’s true for everyone that received one, because a lot of people did

While this is comforting, I also have some questions for Tumblr.

1. HOW DOES KIND OF MASS EMAIL ERROR HAPPEN? And this is the worst type of mass email error to send out. Scare people away from their site. You know, a site that is user content populated. If people feel uncomfortable using Tumblr because of this email, I wouldn’t blame them. No users, no site. Tumblr is worthless without people using it.

2. If it was an error, you’d think they would try to send out a mass “WHOOPS, SORRY” email by now. Or surely within the next couple of days because … THIS IS HUGE ERROR. And users shouldn’t have to contact Tumblr directly to make sure it was an error. The onus is on Tumblr is reassure its user base. This is just good business.

3. It does bring up the question of HOW and WHO determines when a Tumblr gets deleted? Is it a person? Is it an automated script? Is it something you can appeal? And what constitutes persistent copyright violation. All my “violations” are on stuff that I posted YEARS ago when I first started using this platform and was still figuring it out. Nowadays, I don’t post music. I don’t post photoshoots (without credit to photographer). Also, Tumblr doesn’t exactly make it EASY to find and edit old posts. I needed to use a xkit extension to find and delete all my old music posts.

4. This mess doesn’t exactly fill me with trust for this blogging platform. For such a user content driven site, Tumblr does not know how to treat its users. From unnecessary “improvements” to this kind of shitty mistake, you’d expect more from a company that needs to KEEP users to make any kind of revenue (although, is Tumblr even making money now?). Just look at LJ as a cautionary tale, Tumblr. I adore LJ and would much rather use LJ, but the reason I don’t post on LJ anymore is because no one is around. An active user base matters.


Anonymous: I've heard that there was actually a bug sending a bunch of copyright infringement notices without the staff's knowledge, so you might want to verify that they actually meant to send it

Yeah, that is what everyone is saying. People who only got a few “copyright violations” received this email too, but … blerg… even if it was an error, it’s kind of made me realize how little control I have over this blogging platform and it seems kind of pointless to pump content into something that can disappear one day. I think Tumblr should update their terms of use to make it CLEAR how many violations it takes to be shut down. More than five? Ten? That is something that isn’t made clear in any prior copyright violation notifications .. just some vague language about “persistent” violation. What constitutes persistent and who determines that? A staff member? An automated script?

Maybe I’ll post again if this was just a glitch BUT now I feel like I have an inevitable ax hanging over my head on this site and that takes some of the fun out of it.

I just received this notice from Tumblr and I feel like this may be the end of my relationship with this site. What’s the point of pumping content into this platform when they can just shut you down? Oh and by the way, I think I’ve only received about THREE copyright infringement notices, all of them for music related posts and that is enough to get you shut down even though I haven’t posted in music MONTHS.

So this is my notice… I don’t think I’m going to update too much any more with gifs I’ve created (I mean technically all that is copyrighted material too). Also, if this blog disappears, y’all will know why.

It’s been fun. I will continue to reblog … I guess … but really, it all seems kind of pointless if I have little control over if or when this Tumblr is shut down. So, be careful what you post, guys…. I NEVER posted anything like illegal downloads or links to streaming sites and anything that I think warrants such drastic action, but … hey, Tumblr makes the rules.


Michelle Rodriguez laying down truths

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